“Never give up”

Corey Dishmen was raised in East Orange and Newark, NJ and is currently a resident of West Orange, NJ. His interests lie in many areas, including but not limited to, fashion, film, music, tech, and education. He’s a multi-talented individual who previously held the position as vice principal of a school. With Corey’s drive, experience in various fields, and work ethic, he’s now set to be working with a Special Education department within another school district. Even with being so multi-faceted, if you asked him to condense what he does down to a couple titles, he considers himself a “filmmaker and entrepreneur.” The 37 year – old is a graduate of Seton Hall with a BA in Sociology and Criminal Justice and is currently completing a graduate degree. Corey has been working with children and education for 15 years, but delved into other areas of interest such as screenwriting, filmmaking, and branding while working in education. His ultimate goal is to be a successful filmmaker and fashion designer, hoping to land a spot at a major fashion house like Versace.


In development now is the impressive creator’s brand, DYLF LiFE, which he partnered up to create in 2019. As Corey is a father of three, he wanted to be a part of a lifestyle brand specifically for fathers. The brand will produce projects in sectors like music, fashion, film, applications, and more. Corey is keeping most of the brand’s mission and projects under wraps to maintain anticipation and excitement, but he did kindly share another project he worked on as an editor, a book and doll series entitled Teacher on the Desk.  

Corey’s working hard to make sure his brand reaches success so that the team can provide a foundation of assets for his children, which he says are his number one motivating factors. He finds it rewarding to see his children succeed and aims to help in any way he can.

Things have not always been sunny for the budding businessman. After having several run-ins with the law at an early age, Corey sought out to change his path and make it a point to be a mentor to others (his kids especially) so they could avoid similar pitfalls and obstacles. On an unfortunate flip token, during instances when Corey was trying to build himself up and put fruitful energy into his craft, he was often taken advantage of by directors and producers who either decided to not pay him for his work or not credit him. He didn’t let setbacks as such push him back though. Corey transformed his frustration and pain and channeled it into teaching youth (along with himself) how to avoid getting taken advantage of in your craft, invest wisely, and “make sure everything is on paper.” As a man of business, he’s constantly learning and spreading knowledge to others. He’s since bounced back and has locked his business in with more protection and consultation fees.

As of right now, Corey still remains busy. The multi-hat wearer, along with DYLF LiFE projects, is working on “several documentaries which highlight children and their achievements as well as the story of three siblings who overcame adversity together to go onto to play professional sports.” 

When asked if he had advice for others finding their way, Corey shared: “Never give up because you have no idea how your story will end!” He also shares that something he lives by is to “Hope for the best, but stay prepared for the worst!”

 If you’d like to support Corey and his business follow @dylflife / @iiilivelife on Instagram. Check out TheMotherland Positive on YouTube and stay tuned for a new website launching in the Fall.

Written by: By Corey Dishmen

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