“Today’s sacrifices are tomorrow’s investments.”

For those looking to explore and enjoy unfamiliar horizons like boating and wine and food culture meet the captain, businessman, longshoreman and certified sommelier and Danny Lynn.
Mr. Lynn is currently a resident of Maplewood, NJ who was raised in Newark. He’s nothing short
of a focused and determined hard worker. Learning more about his fascinating and inspiring story you’ll discover he’s a person of many tricks and trades, currently working as a longshoreman, a captain of boating vessels, and owning and operating a business called Party Paramedics. They specialize in renting party supplies such as tables, chairs, bounce houses,
photo booths, and bar equipment striving to offer the best customer service and equipment to those interested. He got the idea to start his business from a friend in Rhode Island who owned a party rental service as well. “I was looking to get into a business that I could actually participate in if my help didn’t show.” Danny says. The business officially become incorporated
in 2015. It was in 2013 when Danny went head first into his career interests by taking a Captain’s class to legally become a charter of boating vessels. After rigorous work and training, Danny achieved success and gained his Captain’s license. This accomplishment inspired him to tack off more
goals and further widen his view. In efforts to expand his horizons, Danny decided to take a leap by attending the International Wine Center in New York City where he graduated with merit from International in 2015 gaining sommelier status. After graduating, Danny stayed on the move and
took his skills a step further by attending American Sommelier of NYC where he ultimately received a certification in grape mapping and geo mapping. Even with all his successes in mind, Danny shares that going to wine school and studying wine with no prior experience was one of the “most difficult things that I’ve ever encountered.” and was no small feat. He felt similarly with acquiring his Captain’s license to charter boats, another
venture with no prior experience and studying for as long as eight hours a day to pass the class. Admittedly, even with the work being heavy loads at some points as well as extensive and taxing, but he continues to view his long hours of work and sweat as “labor of love.” His drive is very apparent. He loves his passion, craft, and business and looks to share it with others.
Danny tells us that he’s very proud of his work and would consider himself a positive role model. Though he states that he doesn’t have all the keys for himself or others on how to transform failures into empowerment, but lives by moving forward from setbacks with positivity, diligence, research, and “good old fashioned grit.” Some of Danny’s aspirations for the future are to get folks interested in boating as well as food and wine culture. He has near future plans of hosting wine tasting parties and would love to see others follow down his path or down their own. As far as his business matters go with Party Paramedics, he hopes to gain commercial level clients, offering services for corporations. Danny notes that “Success is a habit. You have to continually strive for it daily. One day someone will tap you on your shoulder, and your life will be forever changed.” Whether things are going right for him or not, his passion rockets him ahead which is why he is persistent with others in encouraging to love what you do.

“Today’s sacrificies are tomorrow’s invenstments.”

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Written by: By Corrine Jasmin

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Looking to get involved in boating?
Danny shared resources:
Captain Jack’s Boating School
Safe boating America


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