“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

New Jersey native, Dante, has had his share of obstacles along the way, but is far beyond your typical 22 year old entertainer. Born Dante Saverio Amato in Secaucas, NJ in 1995, this successful model, actor, DJ/music producer, is attempting to carve his name in the history books. Whether he is stepping out from behind his mixer, acting on stage, or hitting the NY and LA Fashion Week runways in some of the hottest brands, it’s safe to say that Dante’s energy and charismatic smile are both undeniable. In addition, Amato’s parties are frequented by fashion models and music junkies creating an ambiance that house music’s most elite attendees cannot resist.

Throughout highschool Dante set the tone for himself by using his leadership attributes while being the captain of the varsity wrestling team. For Dante, it was always important to set an example for others,  which for him was expressing his feelings and voicing his opinion no matter the circumstances. After realizing his strengths and natural leadership qualities, he began applying this approach to life overall.

By the time Dante reached college he realized that one of his biggest passions in life was music. While attending school, he soon became known for playing some of the most epic music events on the east coast. Dante’s style of music falls into a progressive tech-house subgenre which is essentially drawn from European influences, but in Dante’s case, is delivered with a New York attitude, which distinguishes his sound from other DJ’s and music producers. When it comes to his electrifying performance, he is well-known for consistently exuding energy in front of his audience. According to Dante, his sets were the, “soundtrack to his peers most unforgettable nights.”

While making a name for himself as a musician, he coincidentally met someone who was interested in managing him. However, the manager wanted to represent Dante within the fashion industry! After realizing the connection between fashion and music, and seeing the potential benefits of being within both industries, Dante jumped into the world of fashion without hesitation. He quickly made progress and by 2017, Dante was walking for both NY and LA fashion weeks. “Now I’ll be honest. It is fun but yet boring at the same time because I am not a stiff clothes hanger like most other ‘models’. I wanted a little more action,” says Dante. Yet again the universe worked in his favor, and through a friend of his, Dante was offered his very first acting gig.

Prior to being offered a role, Dante had already been considering acting, but at the same time had never performed or practiced anything of the sort other than his silly impressions of movie characters. He recalls that first experience as being a pivotal moment in his career.  “I thought to myself why not, let me give it a shot. If I can’t do this little play how do I expect to be an artist of entertainment?” Yet after 2 weeks of rehearsal and only two practices with the entire cast, he buckled up and stuck out his performance of 2 scenes, which was a total of 2 hours. According to Dante, “After the show there was a line of people waiting to shake my hand to say what an incredible show I put on for them. I cried. Not once not ever did I have anyone lineup to congratulate me for anything. That euphoric feeling was surging through my body once again, stronger than before. It was at that moment I knew that I needed to take action. I needed to pursue these talents and take them to the next level. I want to entertain people with my energy, my charisma.” Dante recounts that at this point his passion for the art of acting was born.

As a kid, Dante recalls always traveling with his family, which allowed him to be exposed to how other people lived around the world. After visiting his family’s hometown in Italy as a child, he quickly realized that he was more fortunate than most, which helped instill a permanent sense of gratitude within him. This factor alone has led Dante to being both extremely respectful and culturally competent of individuals from all walks of life. He believes there is always something new to learn, so why not be willing to listen to anyone who has the knowledge to offer. In addition, he has learned how to use his charm and platform to raise awareness for environmental issues facing our planet today. The handsome advocate is committed to educating others on ways to reduce waste, pollution, and their carbon footprint. Aside from entertainment, it’s clear that Dante is dedicated to promoting peace for the future of humanity and all things living. He believes sound transcends language around the world. Whether it be through music or voice, it gives him the ability to communicate with all beings.

Contrary to what his fans may believe, things were not always as pleasant for Dante but he managed to fight through adversity and use those experiences to his advantage. Even as a young student, Dante was diagnosed with ADHD. He can remember always being witty and being the first to finish his assignments in class, which would usually lead him to disrupting class or distracting other students. Eventually these behaviors led him to being labeled as the bad kid and targeted by parents, faculty, and staff who automatically built preconceived notions about him. Dante states that this “discrimination” within the school system led to further issues with the criminal justice system.

After having been through his share of adversity, Dante has emerged as the next big thing coming out of NYC. He is a multi-talented, multifaceted individual, who surpasses the industry standard better known as the  “triple threat.” Actor, model, DJ, and producer, Dante is just getting started on his path of greatness. As he continues to entertain, Dante’s main objective is to make a global impact on the world by creating things that matter with empathy, love and gratitude. He has chosen to leave his “normal” life behind and leaves the readers with one last piece of advice. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

You can support Dante’s Charity at https://www.directrelief.org

Written by: By Corey Dishmen

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