“Everyday is a new day to restart”

Rebecca Bradshaw, a 34 year old single mom, avid traveler and entrepreneur from Memphis, TN, is far from your typical makeup artist. Whether a diamond in the rough, or a rose in the concrete, either phrase would be suitable to describe this remarkable, adventurous, and incredibly intelligent young lady. Rebecca believes that her drive, work ethic, and passion with regard to the beauty industry, has enabled her to be so successful at what she does. It’s safe to say that this young owner and savvy business professional has emerged from her title as professional MUA to becoming a successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses under her control. In addition, despite the stereotypes associated with being a single parent, Rebecca maintains a healthy co parenting relationship with her bright and beautiful 12 year old daughter’s father, which seems to be such a rare occurrence for most.


Rebecca, who has spent most of her life working in the field of beauty, prides herself with always having an eye for style and beautiful people, but from a consumer perspective. After being a freelance MUA for almost ten years and a certified professional for the past two, Rebecca decided that it was time to take her brand to the next level. She recently launched Imported Exotic Extensions & Rebee’s Makeover Studios, which are her hair company and makeover studios. Rebecca has a vision for Imported Exotic Extensions to become a top supplier in the billion dollar hair industry by providing the most exotic textures of hair extensions for both those who want to accentuate their beauty as well as those with health and scalp conditions. With regard to Rebee’s Makeover Studios, the plan is to establish a makeup academy, where students will have the opportunity to be trained and certified. Rebecca wants to eventually expand to open multiple locations in various cities across America. The ultimate goal will be for her to develop a reality series which would capture her customers’ makeovers.


This articulate, self-educated professional will be the first to admit that she took the road less traveled to success. After being at the top of her class throughout elementary and middle school, Rebecca spontaneously dropped out of school in tenth grade. Even after giving it another try the following year, she did the same exact thing, dropping out a few weeks into the school year. Rebecca eventually convinced herself that she needed to do better, so she decided to take a GED prep class. After taking the placement exam, it came as no surprise to the former honor roll student that she scored high enough to skip the course and move onto the actual GED test, which she passed on her first attempt. This allowed her to enroll in a community college the same year that she was originally supposed to graduate from highschool.


Having already taken some college courses, once Rebecca’s schedule frees up and her businesses are flourishing, she has aspirations of furthering her education. She has intentions of getting into the fitness industry as well; opening a rehabilitation center for individuals who struggle with making healthy food and lifestyle choices or those suffering from food addictions. She also has put some plans in motion with becoming a life coach, an author, and a television producer, with a mission of pitching her makeover show to a television network in the near future.


Unlike most people Rebecca uses fear to propel her forward. Fear, which is one element that usually prevents people from being successful, has been a huge motivating force in her life. Rebecca actually feels that it is the “fear of needing and not having; the fear of wanting and desiring something and not having the means to satisfy the cravings…the fear of failure, and of going back to those humble beginnings where there were plenty of hard times, barely having enough…the fear of just being poor,” that pushes her the most. However, even though Rebecca is far removed from that status, she is well aware that people in poverty oftentimes divert from their desired course of action due to there being no means or opportunity to allow it to manifest. It’s the fear of herself, her daughter or any one of her family members having to make irrational decisions due to financial instability, that motivates her on a daily basis.


On the contrary, Rebecca does offer some words of advice to others looking to be successful. “Don’t feel rushed. Take it easy and relax while on your journey. Improve your decision making skills, because everyday is a new day to restart, regroup, readjust, rebrand, refocus, realign, renew and to be resilient.” It is this model that has gotten Rebecca to heights that were at one time unimaginable. It’s only right that this future mogul lives by the motto: “I deserve the world and everything in it.”


This humble and hardworking soul believes that by supporting other black women, double minorities, and new small business owners, you are in turn supporting her and the ideals and principles that she lives by. She encourages people to network often and to exchange information, while urging those with expertise and resources to teach and help others that desire to become successful as well.

Written by: By Corey Dishmen

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