Stories We Tale is a not for profit organization that aims to give a voice to everyday people. Our goal is to give everyone an opportunity to be heard and share their experiences to hopefully touch and or inspire those facing similar situations. We will share individual narratives of the everyday struggles and successes of those we profile, In order to help inspire, encourage and motivate someone to make a difference in their life.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.



Bakir, Omari & Safee

Within a climate determined to either stereotype the black man, make him invisible or erase him all together, three young mentors and businessmen share their stories of trials and tribulations and hopes for a shining future. Read More

Rebecca Bradshaw

Rebecca Bradshaw, a 34 year old single mom, avid traveler and entrepreneur from Memphis, TN, is far from your typical makeup artist. Whether a diamond in the rough, or a rose in the concrete, either phrase would be suitable to describe this remarkable, adventurous, and incredibly intelligent young lady. Read More

Corey Dishmen

Corey Dishmen was raised in East Orange and Newark, NJ and is currently a resident of West Orange, NJ. His interests lie in many areas, including but not limited to, fashion, film, music, tech, and education. He’s a multi-talented individual who previously held the position as vice principal of a school. Read More

Dante Saverio Amato

Throughout highschool Dante set the tone for himself by using his leadership attributes while being the captain of the varsity wrestling team. For Dante, it was always important to set an example for others,  which for him was expressing his feelings and voicing his opinion no matter the circumstances. After realizing his strengths and natural leadership qualities, he began applying this approach to life overall.

Dr. Marlow L. Bates

The man, the myth, the legend! The story of Dr. Marlow L. Bates, better known as Marlo Stanfield, is far from your ordinary American Gangster tale. Known to many of us as just a fictional character on the HBO series The Wire, played by actor Jamie Hector, Marlow explains that he was not the “devil” that television portrayed him to be. Read More

Danny Lynn

It was in 2013 when Danny went head first into his career interests by taking a Captain’s class to legally become a charter of boating vessels. After rigorous work and training, Danny achieved success and gained his Captain’s license. Read More

Asani “Bricks” Olubala​

Born Alfatine Alfred Franklin to Shirley Ann and Alfred Smith, Asani Olubala is on a mission to fight for change from behind bars. “Bricks,” who after much research, discovered his true origin and African culture, adopted the name Asani Olubala to pay homage to his heritage. 
Read More